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I wrote this a _long_ time ago in preparation for a job interview for a position that purported to focus around Perl. It wasn't until I started the job (after successfully passing the interview) that they clarified that they meant, like Perl. Semantics, right?

Here's the skinny: you've got a circle of circles that's spinning. That is, the circles that comprise the circle are rotating around the circle. Sadly, its been years since I've been able to get all of the graphics library dependencies to cleanly compile and install, so I'm just left with a screenshot by which to remember it.



The Perl source code ... which won't do you any good unless you're a voodoo master at fixing dependency issues for long-since abandoned graphic libraries. Although, I admit that I only tried under OS X, "by hand", without benefit of a package management system like Fink. Apparently I didn't really care about succeeding.

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