current projects

Streamie - security camera streaming, recording for iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

Symphonic - software engineering and consulting

old projects

CameraMan - security camera streaming, recording for Mac

MovieMaker - create time lapse videos in seconds

Slasher - chop an image into the desired rows/columns

Chatter - chat log archive and search tool for mac os x lion 10.7

Static - spectrum analyzer for mac os x with sdr-iq support

Othello - othello library and (one day) game ai

BigMath - light-weight, fast code for arbitrary precision arithmetic

ChatWords - chat and email analysis of word use - coming soon

Locator - findmespot location tracking, blogging, reporting stuff

Rat - maze solving library and os x application

AIMSpy - monitors your local network for AIM chats

BookWorm Solver - instant solutions for BookWorm

Circles - a customizable circle of circling circles in Perl/Tk

CreepyGirl - your computer watches you. never finished this.

EnglishCounter - counts really fast in English

GlowWorm - network security application for os x 10.4 (Tiger)

iCast - daap music server (ie, iTunes) in C for unix

XGroove - control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse (for X11)

other stuff

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