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Static is an in-development spectrum analyzer for Mac OS X that receives RF input from the RFSpace SDR-IQ. Its design has as its purpose to support many different SDRs and to easily be able to manipulate the data from the SDR to achieve a specific representation of it - all while not looking like crappy, ordinary spectrum analysis software.


supported hardware

SDR-IQ made by RFSpace supported via the libusb-0.x-based ftd2xx driver and vastly superior libusb-1.x-based libftdi driver.



The graphs are loosely based on Chanalyzer. There are three graphs. The first represents the entire 190 KHz spectrum and provides a quick over-view of that spectrum. Each of the other two, larger, graphs represent a smaller segment of that spectrum (as indicated by the white highlight in the first graph), one showing a signal history and the other current, average and max values.

One can optionally drag-highlight a portion of the spectrum (as indicated in green) in the bottom graph to select it for additional processing (such as demodulation). I'm still working on this feature.



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