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I wrote this one _way_ back in the day. You see, at work we had multiple Linux boxes (boxen?) side-by-side, and typically a monitor, keyboard and mouse attached to each. Unlike three+ handed people, I'm only capable of monopolizing a single keyboard and mouse at a time, so I wrote this program for X11 which would allow me to use a single keyboard and mouse across multiple computers. Today it's fairly common-place, but it was all the rage back then.

Given the rate at which XFree86 has progressed in the years since then (ie, not at all), I'm fairly confident that this program probably still works as well as it ever did.

Here is a picture of Marvin the Martian. There is no connection between this picture and XGroove. The page just sort of looked bleak without an picture of some sort. Marvin says hi.



If you think that X11 is well-suited for anything, then you'll probably think XGroove is well written.

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